ReNew your enerGies to support a new development model that protects the environment thanks to human synergies

ReNewGies is a non-profit organisation that promotes the access to sustainable energy.


For us, access to energy is a primary need for education, sanitation and economic development.

Everyone at ReNewGies, is strongly committed in our day to day lives to environment protection and we are convinced that we can make concrete contributions to building sustainable development.

Nevertheless, bearing in mind the Icarus myth, we believe that renewable energy technologies are to be used in a rational way, to ensure they meet reasonable needs and always have a positive impact on the environment.

If you share those principles, we can provide our technical expertise to build the most effective and relevant solutions for your needs.

Our vision

Renew Your energies : 
  • To support a new development model:
    • Meet your needs with local and resilient solutions 
    • Promote collaboration between the private sector and non-profits
    • Share our renewable resources
  • Protect the environment :
    • Limit our needs and consumption to reduce our impact on the environment
    • Ensure a more sustainable management of our natural resources
    • Provide access to renewable energy and diversify our energy mix
  • Thanks to human synergies:
    • Share our resources better
    • Share our skills
    • Approach different cultural environments with respect
    • Share our knowledge by making it accessible to all, worldwide

What we do

probono Services

For small organisations, we can provide technical assistance for all  projects integrating energy efficiency or renewable energies (thermal applications, drinking water projects, wind power, hydropower, biogas systems...)  

Studies and consulting

We can make our technical skills available to any partner organisation, NGO, international aid donor or corporate foundation through consulting and engineering studies.

Energy audits

We can conduct your energy audit and provide relevant recommendations. Energetic efficiency and robustness of your process are the first steps before integrating any renewable energy.


We can train your teams on technical subjects (hydraulic or energy engineering, renewable energies,…) and project development. Training format adaptable to your needs.


Our strengths

  • In-depth knowledge of technological subjects within our own team (solar, thermal, electricity, ...) and through partners (hydro-électricity,biogas, wind, building, ...)
  • A multidisciplinary approach thanks to a diversity of profiles in our team and partners
  • Intercultural sensitivity with active members having been involved in many international projects in a wide variety of contexts
  • Operational skills in the business world made available to NGOs, international donors, foundations
  • Spoken languages: Arabic, French, English, Spanish

Our Team


President and co-founder  
Manager, senior energy engineer
Expert in renewable energies and energetic efficiency

Adept of the humanist philosophy, I am keen on dedicating a great part of my spare time to philantropy basing my actions on skill-based sponsorship which I learn in my professional activities.
Working as a partner with organizations in different contexts and cultures and always questionning my vision is my cup of tea!


Treasurer and co-founder
Manager, senior energy engineer
Expert in electrical and solar engineering

I wish to bring a long-term vision answering to the stakes of development ensuring the preservation of our environment.I am convinced that the values of sharing, equity and solidarity must be placed at the center of our philosophy. We will need to build bridges between nations. ReNewGies materializes one of these bridges.


Project and studies engineer
Energy engineer
Expert in thermal and hydraulic engineering. 

Highly sensitive to social, societal and environmental issues, I’ve always been involved in various projects in France and abroad to support a sustainable global development.We all have experience and knowledge in different fields and I am deeply convinced that sharing and gathering our skills is one of the most effective ways to address the complex issues our world has to face.


Project and studies engineer
Energy engineer

As a young engineer comitted to protecting the environment and reducing social inequalities, I see the energy transition as a way to adress many different development issues. Making sure I am putting my training and technical skills to good use is really important to me. That is why I am really enthusiastic about working on innovative and sustainable solutions to make them accessible around the world!

Our partners

International donors (UNHCR)

NGOs (Oxfam, ACF, IRC, Solidarité International, Première Urgence Internationale)

Corporate foundations (Fondation IKEA, Fondation EdF, Fondation Veolia)

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